Here are some of the things that participants have to say about the classes.

‘I thoroughly enjoy Maureen’s Dance classes. We learn so much without realising it. The atmosphere is relaxed and everyone is very friendly.’ Dom

‘I had been looking for such a class for a while when I found Maureen Cheong’s ballet class for mature dancers. The mix of classical barre work and contemporary centre work is well balanced and the group very friendly and welcoming and a mix of newcomers and people with some previous dance experience. I always leave feeling mentally and physically energised and with a spring in my step.’ Myra

‘Maureen is a very encouraging teacher & her classes are very uplifting. We begin with a ballet barre followed by contemporary centre work. Having done mostly ballet in the past, I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of contemporary, and always leave Maureen’s classes feeling very energised.’  Judy

 ‘The combination of classical ballet exercises and contemporary dance routines stretches the mind as well as the body and I feel both relaxed and energised at the end of Maureen’s classes. Her choice of music adds hugely to the experience and makes it an uplifting start to the weekend.’ Ali

I look forward to Maureen’s Saturday morning class. – a great way to start the weekend doing  gentle but effective exercise to beautiful music . I find the class really friendly, relaxed, fun and not at all intimidating, despite having had no previous dance experience nor having attended a regular exercise class for several years before joining it.’ Gill